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Our website vs. our facebook page, what’s the difference?
While facebook is a great way to get quick tips, coupon links, and special notices, it does not allow us (or anyone) to post full content articles with a lot of useful information. The information posted to facebook is also limited because it cannot easily be shared with people who don’t use facebook. For these reasons we post links on our facebook page that bring you here to our website for full content, money saving tips, articles, and very useful information. We hope our efforts save you money. Please share with others. Thank you.

OUR GOAL, OUR MISSION: For those who are not yet familiar with our service; we’re a non-profit group of consumers doing what we can to help others save money, hopefully keep you from getting ripped off, and maybe help you find ways to make a little extra cash. We are not compensated for getting you to click on links (like most other “money saving” and coupon websites), and our website is not overcrowded with ads like most others are. We’re just about saving money.

We wish you all Happiness, Good Health & Prosperity!!

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    love the site, looking forward to more

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    I just want to leave you an quick post to thank you for your blog! Keep up the good work! Much Thanks!

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    This is a good website. Even guys need to save money and you have stuff we like to read too not just about coupons

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    Love your website. Thanks for the tips and great articles.

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    Just wanted to stop by and say we love your web site and are looking forward to more articles and reviews

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