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ABOUT YOUR FICO SCORE (credit score)

ABOUT YOUR FICO SCORE (credit score) Your FICO® Score (pronounced FY-koh), also known as your “credit score” is a system used for scoring your credit, loan, and payment history. The reason it’s called your “FICO” score is because the system … Continue reading

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ID Stronghold Secure Sleeves® for Discount Purchases & Free Giveaways!

Identity Stronghold brand RFID Blocking Secure Sleeves® are thin sleeves (or open ended envelopes) that you slide your credit/debit card or ID into before placing in your wallet. Identity thieves and other crooks can steal your personal information and credit/debit … Continue reading

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Credit Card Skimming: How to Protect Yourself, Your Money, and Your Identity

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!! Credit card “skimming” is on the rise. Some law enforcement agencies are even referring to it as an epidemic. But you can protect yourself. This article explains what skimming is, how it’s done, and gives some good tips, … Continue reading

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