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Books That Can Help You Save or Make Money

BOOKS WE RECOMMEND There are many great books that can help you manage your finances, save money, and even make money. We highly recommend the books below. We offer links to these books on mainly because we like to … Continue reading

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AARP – Can They Help You Save Money?

AARP stands for the “American Association of Retired Persons”. But don’t let the “retired” part throw you. When you join AARP you become a member of a huge organization that advocates for people age 50 and older, retired or not, … Continue reading

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ABOUT YOUR FICO SCORE (credit score)

ABOUT YOUR FICO SCORE (credit score) Your FICO┬« Score (pronounced FY-koh), also known as your “credit score” is a system used for scoring your credit, loan, and payment history. The reason it’s called your “FICO” score is because the system … Continue reading

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