ATT Trimline Corded Phone Model 210 / 230 – Review

att_210_corded_phone-1This is the phone I ended up with after trying three other Trimline style phones that were, well, worthless as far as I’m concerned. Those other phones were the ATT Model 1909 and 265, and the VTECH Model 265. All three had the same flawed design and poor sound quality. After three failures I was very frustrated so I tried to find a replacement for my very old ATT Trimline Model 230. I was upset to find they no longer made it, but I did find something very close to it, this ATT Model 210. The only changes I could see from the 230 to the 210 was the 210 had a few extra features such as flash and memory dial which I believe the model 230 did not have. But, having had several ATT 230 phones over the years I knew I liked the design and quality, so I took a chance on this newer model 210. I’m glad I did. It’s a very simple, inexpensive (usually about $10), basic corded phone with simple but useful features:

att_210_corded_phone-2* Lighted key pad for use at night or low light.
* Flash button for putting someone on hold if you have call waiting.
* Voice mute button.
* Volume control (for incoming voice).
* Three emergency buttons.
* 10 Speed Dial numbers.
* Redial, so you can call the last number you called with one touch. This is great if you are dialing a number that is busy and you’re anxious to get through.
* Ringer can be set to high, low, or off.
* Can be used on a table or desk top, or hung on the wall.

What I also like about it is that it’s easy to hold, especially for someone with dexterity problems. If you read my review of the ATT Model 1909 you’ll understand how bad the ATT Models 1909 and 265 are. I also like this phone because I’ve had many problems with wireless phones not being compatible with my magic jacks. This phone works perfectly with the magicJack.

And I like that I can place this phone on my shoulder and hold it against my ear while I use both hands (typing on the computer) and I can attach a cushioned shoulder cradle (a.k.a. shoulder rest). I could not do either with the ATT Model 1909 and 265.

For those of you who still have regular dial up phone service, the ATT Model 210 Trimline (find it at phone will translate old dial up service to touch tone. 

Another plus, which seems odd these days, is that it does not have an answer machine built in. This is perfect for hooking up to any VoIP service (Vonage, magicJack) that has it’s own voice mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This phone does not have a feature that allows you to use a head set. This phone is for people who prefer the old fashioned (60s and 70s) feel of a Trimline or hand held corded phone.


For those who are not old enough to know what a cushioned phone shoulder cradle (shoulder rest) or dial phone is:

phone_shoulder_cradle_rest  trimline-dial

Whether you just need an extra phone in the house for emergencies if your cordless does down, or if you just prefer a simple phone, this is our top pick in simplicity and ease of use. We highly recommend the ATT Model 210 for anyone who needs a simple push button corded phone. You can currently find this ATT Model 210 Trimline at

Wishing you all Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity,


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