Doomsday Preppers Show May Drive Cost of Emergency Supplies Sky High

Although many of the “preppers” featured in the new NatGeo series “Doomsday Preppers” will undoubtedly seem crazy or over-the-top to some people, the fact is there WILL be another flood, there WILL be another earthquake, there WILL be another tsunami, there WILL be a massive rolling blackout (that can take out 1/3 or more of the country), and there WILL be another terrorist attack. Experts will agree to all of this. The only thing they don’t know, and the only thing we can’t predict, is exactly when and where it will happen and how bad it will be.

Don’t allow some of the seemingly crazy actions of the so-called “preppers” on the show (and those you read about on the internet) keep you from taking this seriously. EVERYONE needs to prepare for the next disaster and it will cost you if you wait. It will cost you money, and it may cost you something much more precious – your property or your life. Be prepared. Don’t wait.

Doomsday Preppers Show May Drive Cost of Emergency Supplies Sky High

Okay, at first glance the title of this article may seem to some to be a bit hyped up, “off the wall”, uninteresting, or extreme for the average person, but hang in there with us and we promise (if you care at all about your budget and about being prepared for even the smallest emergency) you’ll understand why this information can be very important to you.

Katrina Aftermath Rooftop - No Help In SightFact; all Unites States Federal, State, and Local Government agencies recommend everyone (individuals, families, and businesses) prepare for possible disasters. Disasters can come in the form of storms, earthquakes, black outs, famine, pandemic illnesses, terrorist attacks, and much more. Before the attacks on 9-11, before Katrina, before the disasters of the last 10+ years, many of us thought “it only happens to others”, “the government will send someone to help us”, or believed preparing for an emergency meant little more than having a 3 day supply of food and water in our homes.

Today it’s much different due to the realities history has taught us can happen. Today, although FEMA’s official recommendation is having a 3 day supply of food and water on hand, we must emphasize that is the bare minimum recommendation. Most reputable experts now recommend all individuals and families stock up with a minimum of food and water for 2 to 3 weeks, possibly more, depending on where you live (how remotely located you are and what kind of disaster is likely to come to your area). Experts also recommend businesses keep emergency supplies on hand also, in the event a disaster strikes while the business is open and they will need to protect employees and even customers.

Basic Emergency Kit - No Longer EnoughMost main stream and reputable experts also recommend you now stock up on different kinds of medicines (prescription and over-the-counter), have a very well stocked first aid kit, always have a full tank of gas (and stored fuel if you can do so safely) and have a back up generator to at least be able to keep your refrigerator running and definitely they recommend have an emergency generator for your home if you have any medical devices that need electricity or medicines that must be kept cold. They also recommend keeping fire extinguishers on hand for quick and easy use, at least one emergency radio, multiple flashlights, and a large supply of batteries for all battery operated items.

And if you live in a flood zone, many experts will also recommend keeping a boat or inflatable raft in on your property, store food and supplies in your attic (or the highest floor of your home or office), and keep a large axe in your attic just in case you get caught in your home with rising flood waters and have to retreat to the top floor and hack your way out onto the roof. No kidding, this is real. Many people died after the Katrina floods because they fled into their attics, the flood waters trapped them there, and they couldn’t get up and out through the roof or swim down through the water.

Some other experts and advocates will recommend you also include protection from radiation and/or chemical attack (masks, suits, iodine pills). All of these items can be extremely expensive and prices often rise quickly during any kind of war time crisis happening around the world.

Katrina LootersMany experts will advocate personal protection from attacks from “unfriendlies” – neighbors and/or refugees and criminals that are not prepared and want what you have (or what they think you may have), or just the normal creeps of society that become opportunistic when they know others are vulnerable. Lets go back again to Katrina. First problem – the storm affected jails and police departments. Many law enforcement personel chose to leave town to protect their families. Jails were either damaged by the storm (allowing criminals to get out) or jailers let prisoners out in order to save their lives. Either way, that resulted in convicted criminals literally running loose around the streets, some were even shooting at rescue helicopters! And while their homes were being washed away, some citizens turned looters and began stealing anything and everything they could cart away. They were looting homes, businesses, hospitals, just about every building that wasn’t under water was looted or vandalized (except public libraries, go figure). And for this reason, what experts and advocates are recommending to help protect yourself from looters and unfriendlies is everything from bars on your windows to various kinds of weapons as well as a stock pile of ammunition for your weapons.

Opinions on what you should stock up on, what you should keep on hand in case of an emergency may differ from one expert to another, but all will surely agree the old standard of 3 days food and water is extremely inadequate.

So, why are we telling you about this? How does this affect your wallet right now? Well, properly preparing for a variety of emergency situations can be very expensive, and we will adding more and more articles and recommendations on how to prepare without going broke, but this article is about one very specific issue – The growing hype regarding “Armageddon”, “Doomsday”, and the “2012 Apocalypse” (what many believe may happen on December 21, 2012) and how it can affect us all. More and more TV movies and documentaries, as well as Hollywood movies, are being made on these subjects and one in particular is about to come to TV that has the potential to put the subject into the forefront of the minds of virtually every man, woman and child in our country.

Doomsday PreppersOn Tuesday, February 7th 2012, the National Geographic Channel (cable TV) will run the first episode of a new television series called Doomsday Preppers. From the commercials being shown it appears this program will feature all kinds of people, from all walks of life, with many different views on why we need to prepare for emergencies and exactly what should be done to prepare. And while it does appear they may be featuring a great many people who are taking emergency preparation to the max, more than most experts recommend, the fact remains the entire show is dedicated what people are doing to prepare, what they are stockpiling, what they are buying. This is when and where your wallet and budget can easily be affected.

Just like the TLC show Extreme Couponing started a fever pitch run on coupons and a glut of websites offering coupons and “expert” couponing tips (many of them with making money off of you as their main goal) and creating a situation where people are now stealing and scamming to get coupons, and just like A&E’s show Storage Wars started the largest increase of people trying to bid on and buy abandoned storage lockers (driving up the costs in some areas to unrealistic and unaffordable prices), this new show about extreme emergency preparedness on the National Geographic Channel (NatGeo), called Doomsday Preppers, has the potential to make the stockpiling of emergency supplies extremely popular – so popular in fact that we predict at least six adverse things may happen if the show becomes as watched and talked about as we think it will.

1. Prices of all emergency supplies will go up. Even the basics such as bandages, toiletries, and water can potentially rise to ridiculous prices. Price increases may even extend to basic tools and gardening supplies, and has already been seen with biological protection supplies and in the self defense market any time there’s even a localized event in the U.S. or a massive event in the world (like Katrina or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan).

2. Availability of emergency supplies will go down. It’s already begun. For example, the availability of CB and HAM radios (even old broken radios and old parts) is already a problem. People are buying up and hoarding all kinds of emergency preparedness items for themselves, and to save and sell to others later, after an emergency happens.

3. Scammers will get into the game, selling inferior and/or stolen products.

4. Unscrupulous, dishonest, and/or desperate people, who become worried and who cannot afford to buy emergency preparedness supplies, may begin to steal these supplies from stores or even from their own neighbors – even before a disaster strikes.

5. Any item popular with preppers will become such hot commodities that you’ll see a rise in felony theft of shipments. Don’t scoff. Years ago, when Nicorette was first introduced to the general public, it become so poplular (and expensive) shipments were being stolen by the truck load. Some shipments were stolen right out of the bellies of cargo planes as soon as they landed. Last year, when the price of produce began to rise once again, theives were hijacking and stealing truck loads of tomatoes! We can see the same thing happening soon with first aid supplies, camping equipment, and canned foods with a long shelf life and so much more. And we can tell you for a fact that it’s already happening with weapons and ammo. And yes, a huge part of the demand (and the theft) of weapons these days is due to people wanting to be prepared for any kind of emergencies, and worrying that they may have to defend themselves from looters.

6. The show seems like it may portray people who believe in preparing for emergencies as “crazy” and in turn that may make the average person completely shun the idea of preparing for an emergency at all. And that can put thousands, if not millions of people in danger when (not if) the next emergency arises in this country.

How Long Will You Wait To Prepare?We believe, if the show Doomsday Preppers becomes as popular as we think it will, and if other shows similar to it come to network television (which usually happens once a cable show becomes popular), even basic emergency supplies will become hard to get or quickly rise in cost. Everything from bottled water to canned foods with a long shelf life, to basic first aid supplies (even Band-Aids), to toiletries, protective clothing, weapons & ammo, building materials (used for shelters), and even camping equipment – all have the potential to go up in price and/or become hard to get. There’s no telling which items will shoot up in price and how fast, but we can guarantee many will get more expensive simply because of rules of supply and demand, and of course the greed of opportunistic manufacturers and sellers. And again, let’s not forget the effects on cost of items from large scale theft. That can also drive up the price of many items.

So, if you have not yet obtained all you need to be prepared for an emergency, we highly recommend you buy now, stock up now, before prices sky rocket, supplies become limited, and/or scammers start pushing inferior products.

If you don’t know the first thing to do or what you need to stock up on or keep on hand, the first place you should go to is the U.S. Government’s Emergency Preparedness website:

Emergency-Preparedness-ChecklistThere are hundreds of other websites you can go to, to get information about emergency preparedness, many posted by state and local governments, many posted by experts in the industry, and others posted by regular citizens with their own opinions. Some are more realistic, trustworthy, and more reputable than others. Right now we can’t even begin to give you a list of the many different websites there are that recommend items you need to keep on hand, as well as websites and stores that sell these items. We will be researching this more and listing our recommendations in the near future, but for now if you want to know more we highly recommend you do a web search for “emergency preparedness” and soak up as much information as you can, educate yourself, take this issue seriously, then do what your gut thinks is the right thing to do.

So, we recommend you do it now, prepare now, before the hype from coming television shows and movies drives prices of supplies sky high, or even worse, before something happens and you aren’t yet prepared.


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