40% OFF Sale (plus $10 Off with your personal Promo Code)

SHOP CVS - 40% OFF 40% OFF Sale (plus $10 Off with your personal Promo Code)

This is it! This is the sale we’ve been waiting for and telling you about. Get 40% Off all CVS brand products at, which (in our humble opinion) most CVS brand products are just as good as name brands. You save by buying CVS brand, then you save even more by buying during this 40% Off sale.

This sale usually comes around 3 or 4 times a year and it’s worth waiting for and planning for. This time around you have until Sunday 3/4/12 at 11:59 PM ET to take advantage of the 40% OFF and to use the $10 Off promo code (sent to you by email). See below for how to get your $10 Off promo code and tips on how to best take advantage of this awesome sale.

 CVS brand items

You can find dozens of CVS brand items that work just as well as name brands; like Vaseline and bacitracin, CVS version of Listerine, Purell, Halls, Ace Bandages, Johnson & Johnson gauze & tape, Visine, Q-tips, vitamins, antacids, cough/flu/cold/allergy meds, acne lotions and creams, shampoos and conditioners, baby products, paper & plastic items, batteries, snacks, and so much more!

Just one example; Plax 24 ounce bottle goes for $6 to $7 (lower NY prices), but CVS Dental Rinse (their version of Plax) is normally $4.79, on sale for 40% off for $2.87. Pay only $2.87 and it works just as well as Plax with taste/flavor also comparable to Plax.

And if you sign up for CVS emails you’ll get announcements when these sales happen PLUS a $10 off $50 purchase personal promo code several times per year. To get your promotional emails go to and sign up. You can also attach your CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card to your online account for even more savings no matter when you shop at

The $10 off is a one time deal, in a promo code that is sent only to one email address and can only be used by the CVS online account it is sent to. So, sign up a account under every name in your household (each with their own email address) to take advantage of the $10 off multiple times, and stock up on everything you need and use regularly plus all the items you need for your emergency preparedness kits.

Free shipping* on orders $49 or more, which is easy to do when you stock up and save.

We break our orders into several, each order has $59 worth to get the $10 off (with the promo code sent to each email address) and then free shipping* for spending $49 or more ($49 is after the $10 discount is taken). With the 40% off and the $10 promo code we average $50 in savings for every $50 we actually spend (that’s $100 worth of items for $50, with free shipping*).

If we’re going after the 40% off without the $10 promo we spend just $49 to get free shipping* – that’s $100 worth of items for $60).

* Just be careful to plan each order so it does not weigh over 10 pounds (you can see this in your shopping cart) to get the free shipping.

We are not CVS affiliates and we get nothing for asking you to click through to
We just want to help people save money!

Happy Shopping!
Dan and the gang at

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