Books That Can Help You Save or Make Money


Money Saving Piggy Loves To ReadThere are many great books that can help you manage your finances, save money, and even make money. We highly recommend the books below. We offer links to these books on mainly because we like to use Amazon for their reviews before deciding if we want to buy a book, but you can also get some of these books at a cheaper price by ordering “used” copies from independant Marketplace sellers. There are other places to get books at deep discounts or even for free. See our Best Book Sellers page for a list of places to get discounted and free books here.

And if buying a book is not in your budget, not to worry, you can get many great books at the public library. In fact we recommend visiting your local library to read books instead of buying, or you can preview books before buying, so there are no surprises in what you’re getting for your money.

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We must admit we’re huge fans of Suze Orman and haven’t found a book of hers we didn’t like. Suze is often referred to as The Queen of Finances, and for good reason. Here’s a list of books by Suze Orman that at least one of us here at PWTSM have read and recommend, and are available now on But remember, there are other great places to get books at a discount, or even free. You don’t have to buy from As a reminder, here’s our page on other places to buy books at discount price or free. We can’t garantee you can get Suze’s books for free, but it never hurts to look around.

and these great books:


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