CVS Sale on Nature Made Vitamins & Supplements – 2 for 1 (July 24 – 30, 2011)

CVS Sale on Nature Made Vitamins & Supplements – 2 for 1 (July 24 – 30, 2011)

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This week at CVS all Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements are on sale 2 for 1. Add a manufacturer’s coupon to that or any CVS extra care card dollars off coupon or CVS extra bucks coupon for more saving.  I just got back from CVS, bought Nature Made’s Liquid Softgel Multi Complete Vitamins with Iron, Calcium and D3. CVS price was $12.49, got the second bottle free, which means each bottle was $6.25 (about .10 cents per serving/dose). That price alone is reason to buy. But I also had $8 in CVS extra care and bonus “Extra Bucks” coupons, bringing my cost for two 60 count bottles of Nature Made vitamins to $2.25 each!! Can’t beat that price for this brand. Add the fact that Nature Made is recommended by many doctors (including my own) and it’s a no-brainer.

CVS Extra Care Card

CVS rewards and Extra Bucks are printed at the bottom of your receipts but you must be signed up for an Extra Care Card to get them. Don’t forget to sign up for your CVS Extra Care Card (for your bonus bucks and $ rewards) if you have not already. Another great thing is CVS now has a way for you to retrieve your bonus rewards in store, if you happen to leave yours at home or loose them. You can use your Extra Care Card at a kiosk in the store to see what rewards you have available to you and print it out to use at the register (like a coupon).

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* I do not get any compensation from CVS for this review or for getting you to click on any link. This is an honest, personal review created with one goal in mind; to help others make a well informed choice on how to spend their hard earned money.

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