Help Us Help Others is a grass roots organization created and run by a group of like-minded individuals who feel that (after good health and love) being able to save money, make a little extra money, and better manage money are key ingredients to living a happy life. We also recognize how incredibly hard it is for the average person to do this when at every turn there seems to be some kind of road block.

Our volunteers spend many hours each day looking for money saving deals, tips, coupons & sales, providing important and helpful information regarding your money and consumer protection, even researching ways to make a little extra money. We do not charge our readers for this service, and never will. We do it because we feel very strongly that people should help each other. When ever possible we “pay if forward”. We believe very strongly in this concept.

In this spirit we encourage others to do the same – to pay it forward, do what you can for others. But how do you help others when you’re struggling yourself? There are many ways. We include suggestions below. All are things you can at little to no monetary cost to you.

(this page is under construction, thank you for your patience)

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