Solar Energy Savings

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Self-Sufficient Living Saves Money

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  1. Simon Dyer says:

    I often read about people looking for a sustainable lifestyle or off-grid living who ask for power calculations to light their whole house. How about just lighting what you need from renewable energy ? Check

    • admin says:

      Hello Simon,

      Thank you for your post and information about the solar powered cap (hats with solar powered light). We hadn’t seen head lights built into a hat before, other than hard hats and other industrial uses. We’d only seen head lights on straps, which kept you from wearing a hat while wearing the light. The combination of hat and light is a simple yet wonderful idea. It’s not really what we were thinking of for the content of this page, to power your home with solar energy, but if we expand our thinking on this subject (something we always like to do) we realize it sure does make a great portable light source for working around the yard, outside the home at night. And let’s not forget walking the dog and taking out the garbage. Great hands free light source for around the home for sure. And looks like a great addition to anyone’s emergency preparedness kit – which every home should have.
      Our Emergency Preparedness page (

      Of course it’s also great for activities away from home like camping, fishing and hiking too. So many great uses. We’ll most likely get one in the near future (after we find a great sale price since we’re all about saving money) and post our review here and on our facebook page:

      Thanks again for the info.

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