Selling Guns

IMPORTANT SAFTEY NOTE: When handling any firearm for any reason other than to shoot it, no matter how old it is, never assume it isn’t loaded or does not work. Make sure the gun is unloaded and secured (safety on if there is one, place in a secure lock box if possible). If you do not know how to check if a gun is loaded or how to secure it DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF. Call an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, a.k.a. a professional gun dealer/seller) or someone you know that can do this for you. If you are unsure of the firearm or how to handle it, do NOT bring it to an FFL or friend to help you. Let them come to you or have them give you instructions on how to transport it. And what ever you do, KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER and KEEP THE GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.


One way to get money for a gun you have, especially if the gun is an old piece of crapola that doesn’t even work (or you’re not sure, and it looks so old you’re rightfully afraid to find out) is through a local “cash for guns” program. These types of programs are often set up by cities such as NYC, Chicago, LA. Other towns and municipalities may also have cash for guns programs.

A “cash for guns” program is simply a way for local police departments to get guns off the streets (usually with no questions asked) in trade for cash or a gift card to a local store or possibly even for a VISA or MASTERCARD gift card. Buy prices are often a flat rate no matter what kind of gun you have, no matter what condition it’s in. For this reason we recommend you only “sell” to one of these buy-back programs if you are sure the amount they will be giving you is close to or more than what you would get if you sold the gun to a gun dealer. If you’re not sure how much your firearm is worth, we recommend asking an FFL (gun dealer) because wouldn’t it be horrible if you turned in an old pistol your grandpa had and got a $50 gift certificate for it, only to find out later it was worth thousands of dollars? Doesn’t hurt to ask a dealer how much your gun is worth before you sell. Oh, and they won’t be able to tell you the true value over the phone. They will need to see it. Call them first. See safety note above.

Below are links to websites that explain several cash for guns program or that have contact information for you to find out more about that city or state’s program. We will add more cities and links as we collect the information needed to post. To find one of these programs near you we recommend you contact your local police department or city hall, or if you live in a small town contact the PD in a near by “big city” or county.

> Dover Delaware – in June of 2011 the Delaware Senate passed a bill to create gun “buy-back” program. Though the legislation still has to get through the House and be signed by the governor before it becomes law, the $100,000 deemed necessary to implement the so-called “gun buyback” program has already been included in next year’s (2012) budget bill by the Joint Finance Committee. For more information contact the City of Dover or Dover PD, although you may need to wait until 2012 before more details are available.

> Monmouth County NJ – in October Monmouth County New Jersey held a two day gun buyback. At this time we are not sure if they are still taking guns for cash, but to find out we recommend you contact the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

> New York City – as of September 2011 NYC is offering $100 for each gun, no questions asked, no need to show identification. If you plan on bringing a gun to a NYPD site (or any other location) be sure it’s not loaded and it’s concealed in a bag or box. No, we’re not advocating hiding concealed weapons, this is recommended by NYPD and we just want to make sure you’re not looked upon as a threat and get yourself accidentally shot by the police on your way to turn in the firearm. Visit the website for full details before proceeding.

> Cleveland Ohio – as of September 2nd, 2011 the greater Cleveland area will be participating in a gun buy back program. For complete information visit the Cleveland Ohio link or contact Cleveland City Hall:
Cleveland City Hall
601 Lakeside Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
P: 216.664.2000 – Weekdays 8am-5pm


There are many outlets to sell guns, but one of the safest (for you and the rest of the population) ways is to sell directly to an FFL Dealer (licensed seller). There are also websites where you can sell your guns and other weapons, but if you don’t know the rules and the laws you can easily get into trouble, possibly even arrested. We’ll include much more on this in the near future.

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