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About Paid Focus Groups & Surveys

There are thousands of paid focus groups and paid surveys being conducted each year. Unfortunately not all of them are legitimate and some that are “legal” are very misleading. Our goal is to seek out those we know or those that appear to be legit and legal, and not misleading and report them to you in hopes you can qualify and participate to make extra money. We may find one a day or we may only find a few a month, but the idea is not to post quantity, but to post quality – legitimate paid focus groups and surveys we feel you might be interested in.

Notes About Getting Paid:

When you hear or see the words “paid focus group” that almost always means you will be paid with a check or cash. On ocassion you may be compensated with a gift card or merchandise, but that type of payment for a true paid focus group is rare. Legit focus groups will let you know ahead of time how you will be “paid” or compensated.

When it comes to “paid surveys” you must be much more careful. Most legit “paid surveys” will compensate you with a check OR a gift certificate. Some will compensate you with “points” you can redeem for gift certificates, gift cards (sometimes VISA cards) or merchandise. All of these would be considered legitimate “paid” surveys, it’s the norm for the industry. However this line is often blurred by not so legit companies who try to entice you to “get paid” for “online surveys”. How can you tell the difference between legit and not legit paid surveys? It’s very difficult, even for someone who’s been doing it for years. The reason it’s so difficult is the scammers and con artists go out of their way to trick you. Here are some things to watch for, that tell you a so-called “paid survey” is not legit or is deliberately misleading you:
> If you’re asked to pay anything, even a few dollars, it’s not a true paid survey.
> If you’re asked to buy something, and they claim you will be paid for your purchase after you complete the survey, it’s not a true paid survey.
> If you’re asked to buy something to qualify or participate in some other “program” or “offer”, it’s not a true paid survey.

CAUTION: Depending on how much you will be paid and how you will be paid you may need to give the marketing company that is conducting the focus group or survey your social security number. Yes, that would be legit, BUT you should never give this information over the phone and you should never give this information to anyone or any company until or unless you have fully researched the company to make sure they are in fact legit. We have done our best to screen the groups, surveys and companies we post about here on our website, but by no means should you assume any company is “legit” only because we researched and posted about them. We do our best, but we cannot guaranty the actions and integrity of any company we are not associated with.

* has no affiliation with any focus group or survey. We simply post this information as we find it with as much accuracy as humanly possible so you can decide if participating would be beneficial for you medically and economically.

Below you will find posts with information we’ve found regarding specific focus groups & surveys and updates on this subject. We will add posts as soon as we obtain any information. You can also find this posts by using the Post Categories index at right under “Making Extra Money $”. >>>

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