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PracticalWaysToSaveMoney.com - Helping You Save Money Is Our PassionWe’re consumer advocates dedicated to helping people save money. Not only do we share money saving ideas, sales, and coupons, but we also post important articles & information to help you manage your money and not get ripped off. We post everything from coupons to fraud warnings, to product & store reviews, to information about barter, trading & swapping, to changes in tax laws, and much more.

We also share occasional money making tips and ideas; proven, legitimate ways (not scams or fraud) that we have used and tested ourselves, to make a little extra money. And we post cartoons, jokes, activities and links to sweepstakes just for fun.

We share all of this with you because saving money and helping others do the same is our passion. We do it because we realize the most important things in life are family, love, and good health, but we also understand the crucial role saving and making money plays in our lives.

We wish everyone love, good health, and prosperity.

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We welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback. We also welcome money saving tips our visitors would like to share with others, BUT we ask that you only post tips that will truly save people money – on things that really matter. That does not mean hawking fur Ugg boots or pitching an MLM scheme.

If you have a website, product, or service you feel will help others save money, make money, and enhance their lives we’d love to hear from you. We may be willing to try your product or service and give it a serious review on our website and on our sister facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PracticalWaysToSaveMoney. If you’d like us to consider your product or service please email us with complete information by using the form below.

BUT, if you’re just looking for a place to advertise any product, or if you’re just trying to get visitors to click on a link and go to your website THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT. Spammers and Scammers beware. Only true money saving bargains for items and services most people need and want and discussions about the same are welcomed here. All comments are screened before they are posted. If we find you trying to use this page for free advertising or to spread scam links we will add you to a universal list of spammers and scammers used by all bloggers.

Use the form below to contact us. Thank you.

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