The 127 Corridor Sale

World’s Longest YardSale! a.k.a. The 127 Corridor Sale

Everyone knows you can save money and have fun going to yard sales, garage sales, and flea markets. But the best yard sale in the world by far has to be The World’s Longest Yard Sale also known as The 127 Corridor Sale (featured on PBS and HGTV). The World’s Longest Yardsale is a stretch of 675 miles of highway (US 127), that runs from Hudson Michigan to Gadsden Alabama, where you’ll find hundreds of individual yard sales along the way. Some people call it a yard sale, some people call it a 600 mile flea market, but no matter what you call it if you like to hunt for bargains, antiques, Americana, or just unusual items, this is the place to be in August.

World's Longest Yard Sale! a.k.a. The 127 Corridor Sale

That’s right folks, what use to be a humongous sale running through 3 states has now grown to a gargantuan sale that includes 5 states; now running all the way up through Ohio, to Hudson Michigan. That’s nearly from the Gulf of Mexico to the finger lakes!!

The sale always starts on the first Thursday in August every year and goes on to the following Sunday – 4 days of yard sale heaven!

For anyone who’s ever been, you know how intensely fantastic the sale is because it’s not just one huge sale, it’s hundreds of small yard sales strung along over 600 miles (now nearly 700 miles) of beautiful rural America. Sales are on front lawns of private citizens, along rest stops and public land, as well as in town, outside small mom & pop stores. But for the most part it’s private citizens offering anything from pure Americana to bizarre items plus lots of good eats in each town and on the roadside along the route.

The 127 Corridor Sale - Vendors & Good Eats

It’s an adventure, a days long shopping trip (days, plural, as in many days), and a vacation all rolled into one. For those of you who have never had the pleasure, it’s a must-do for anyone seriously interested in yard sales, antiques, oddities, or if you just love a true road trip to see this beautiful country and all the different, wonderful and sometimes wacky people in it. It’s really something to behold. Yard sales set up in private front yards, in massive fields, most right on the roadside. Plus there are hundreds of fun & festive attractions along the route. You can encounter everything from parades and live music, arts &  crafts, to historic sites, river boats, railroads, even opportunities for horseback riding, fishing, and hiking along the way. And in many towns in the southern states you can find small museums and landmarks offering a unique look at our Civil War and American Indian history. The 127 Corridor Sale not only brings you the best yard sale in America, but it brings you on a tour through the different subcultures of rural America as well as giving us insight into our history as a country. There’s so much to see, hear, feel and taste we won’t pretend we can name it all here. Each town, each municipality, each state prepares for this once a year yard sale that has become like a festival. Just Google the words 127 Corridor Sale and you’ll find more than enough information to help you plan your trip.

World's Longest Yard Sale! a.k.a. The 127 Corridor Sale
For more photos see the videos below for the PBS Documentary and 2009 & 2010 127 Corridor Sale.

The official website is and that’s where you need to go first, before planning your trip. Even if you’re a seasoned vet of this super long road of yard sales there’s always something new each year you need to know about so head on over to for all the details. Here’s the two main pages you need to visit first:

127 Corridor Sale Map Page: with clear links about the sale for buyers, vendor info, lodging, site seeing, and more.

127 Corridor Sale Home Page: also with links about the sale for buyers, vendor info, lodging, site seeing, and more

The official website sometimes needs a little updating here and there so be sure to call or email any lodging location you plan to use and make sure they’re open for business and able to accommodate you. You also want to check to see if there’s any road construction on or near US 127. The site usually has that info posted.

Each year it gets bigger and better and it’s sure to have something for everyone! Always does!!

Happy Hunting, Safe Driving, and maybe we’ll see you there!

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