Welcome Fans & Enthusiasts!!

Barter & Trading SymbolWe’re sending out a huge WELCOME to our friends who have joined us here on our website and facebook page. The volunteers who helped launch and manage have joined our team here to combine both websites and both facebook pages as we combine our passion for barter and trading with saving money. After all, they do go hand in hand.

This combining of sites and pages will allow us to post to one single website ( and facebook page and will help us conserve the time and expense it has been taking us all to run two websites and two facebook pages. So now it will only be one website and one facebook page (and a YouTube page coming soon) under the subject and title of PracticalWaysToSaveMoney and PWTSM. The website and its facebook page will be removed by mid July 2012. This will make it much more manageable for our volunteers to research and post information now that it’s all combined.

FACEBOOK USERS: If you haven’t already, please “like” this website and then go to our facebook page and “like” us, then share our page and website with your friends and family.

Thank you for your past and present support. Please continue to share our website and facebook page with friends, and in the future our YouTube page too!

Wishing you all Good Health, Wealth, and Happiness!!

Dan, Michelle, Karen, and the rest of the crew at &


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