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To those who are new to couponing using the Internet, “printable” coupons, or “print your own” coupons (also called “Internet” coupons) are store or manufacturer coupons you print yourself, from a website or web page. We include links to our posts of printable coupons below this article but you can also find them in the index at right.

Internet Coupon Example non-groceryPrintable Internet coupons are just like the ones you see in newspapers, magazines, and in flyers & inserts you may get by mail or with your news paper. They may be for groceries (food and non-food), or for services (dental, massage, photographers, etc.), for resturants, hardware and appliances, and many other items.  The coupon example shown at right is a sample of a non-grocery coupon that would be honored at places like Lowes and Home Depot.

Any business or manufacturer can offer a printable Internet coupon. You can be notified of when these types of coupons are available in many ways. Below are a few facts you should know about Internet printable coupons before you begin to use them. We also include links to related posts below.

> You can visit the websites of the companies that make the items you want to buy (you can find most on our page of the most popular food and beverage manufacturers). They usually have a way for you to register and sign up for a newsletter or other email notification that let’s you know when coupons are available. When you sign up pay close attention to any boxes that might be checked, that you may or may not want to uncheck. These boxes are usually choices of what kind of information you want to receive by email and permission to send you email.

Example Internet Grocery Coupon> You can visit websites that specialize in posting money saving information and coupons, like ours, for information about savings, specials, and coupon offers. What we and others do are bring these offers to your attention, but you will still need to click on a link takes you to the manufacturer’s website or an authorized coupon website (see below).

> There are also many websites authorized by manufacturers to post and announce when coupons are available, and you can print coupons directly from these websites. You need to sign up and in most cases you need to download a small program onto your computer. The most popular coupon websites are and Smart Source. *

* We prefer for two reasons. First, they usually have more coupons. Second, because Smart Source is owned by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp who (along with their employees) have been known to do illegal things in the news industry like hacking into people’s phone and email accounts and stealing personal information from citizens in Europe and the U.S.. And because they have been involved in intimidation and other illegal and immoral tactics against their competition. The News Corp scandals are growing, more and more being uncovered every week. We will be posting more on this subject in the future.

> You can also do a search for Internet coupons for a specific product. For example, if you’re looking for a coupon for Duracell batteries you can go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and type in these words: coupon Duracell

> In most cases you will only be allowed to print one or two of each coupon. This is a policy of the manufacturers. But the programs that enforce this restriction can only monitor how many coupons are printed per computer, not per person, so you can print more coupons if you have more computers in your home or have access to computers and printers elsewhere. We recommend friends and family networking to print coupons for each other. Your neighbor might not need or want a coupon for Purex detergent so she can print two for you, and you can print coupons your neighbor needs in exchange. That’s a form of coupon swapping.

> Very often you will not know the expiration date of a printable Internet coupon until you print it. This is a practice we feel is very unfair to the consumer because you don’t know if you’ll be in need of the coupon until a certain date but can’t plan your shopping around the date of the coupon until you print it. And if the coupon expires too soon you’ll have wasted your ink. Soon we’ll be asking people to support a letter writing campaign to food manufacturers to start posting expiration dates where they can be seen before printing the coupon. We’ll post more on this subject at a later date.

> Most Internet grocery coupons will print 3 per page (expect to use one piece of printer paper for every 3 coupons you choose to print at one time) but once in a while the manufacturer will program the coupon offer so you also print out a recipe or an ad for the item. This wastes expensive printer ink and we will be asking people to support a letter writing campaign to food manufacturers asking to stop this practice. We’ll post more on this subject at a later date. We have used the blank side of used typing/printer paper (to conserve) to print coupons and had no trouble redeeming the coupons.

> These days most stores accept printable Internet coupons, but not all do. It is up to each store to decide if they want to. They are not obligated to accept them. Even those stores that do accept Internet coupons will have limits on how you can use them or how many you can use. We suggest you check the website of your grocery store or supermarket for their “coupon policy” before you try to print and use these types of coupons.

> Years ago coupons often had no expiration date. But stores and manufacturers found they have less control over their quarterly profit margins when they cannot control when you buy, so they try to control when you buy by putting expiration dates on coupons. This is another issue we feel is an inconvenience to consumers and will soon be addressing with a letter writing campaign that we hope you’ll participate in.


Printable Coupons

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