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AARP - The American Association of Retired Persons

AARP stands for the “American Association of Retired Persons”. But don’t let the “retired” part throw you. When you join AARP you become a member of a huge organization that advocates for people age 50 and older, retired or not, regardless of your economic status and political association.

Just like iron workers, auto workers, plumbers, carpenters, teachers, cops and firefighters have their unions that fight for their needs and their rights, AARP fights for the needs and rights of all citizens 50 years and older.

But in actuality, AARP isn’t just for older Americans. Why do we say that? 
> Well, even if you’re 30 or even just 20 years old now, you’ll eventually be 50 and older and benefit by what AARP does now because AARP fights not only for today’s 50 and over crowd, but for future 50+ citizens.
> And, AARP benefits anyone who has loved ones 50 and older because by making life better for those 50 and over it makes life better for everyone in the family – having less for everyone to worry about when it comes to the needs of those you love 50 and over, whether that be your parents, grand parents, sister, brother, aunt or uncle.
> AARP is also there to help the younger generation understand and deal with the needs of the older generation, acting something like a life coach for the entire family.
> Even if you’re not an AARP member, AARP is fighting for your rights because AARP fights for the rights of all Americans 50 and older. 

AARP has one stated purpose; “enhancing quality of life for all as we age. We lead positive social change and deliver value to members through information, advocacy and service.”

And besides their lobbying and advocacy efforts, AARP’s yearly membership (currently $16) allows you many discounts non-members don’t get. Very often the small yearly membership dues can be worth the discounts alone.

There currently are many discount programs, coupons and special benefits you can get through AARP and new ones come along often. To see what the current membership cost is, and to see details about what type of discounts & benefits you would currently receive as an AARP member, visit their website:


You’ll also find detailed information about AARP, such as how they’re fighting for your rights, what new discounts they’re offering, and much more on our AARP posts here at PracticalWaysToSaveMoney.com.

For all of our posts regarding AARP click on the AARP link in the right margin of the page. It’s listed alphabetically, towards the top, so it’s easy to find. >>

We’d also love to hear from anyone who has used AARP to get any type of discount or special benefit. Let us know what type of discount/benefit it was, how much you saved, and anything else you’d like to share on this subject.

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